I Have Found My Calling

I belong.  In life everyone feels like they need to belong to somewhere.  There is that lurking fear that you will live your life on a day-to-day routine, floating aimlessly like lost luggage on the large sea.  And when old people think about “their life,” they include that one time in their miserable existence when they realized that they were part of something amazing.

Well move over old people, because I have found my Oasis.  And to those of you why don’t understand WHY this is my Oasis and WHY knowing that there are people that feel the same way I do, then you don’t deserve to be reading the mindless horseshit I write.

This is for all you losers like me who miss the “good ol’ days.”



Do you know what that link is?  That link leads directly to a Yahoo Answers question regarding the one thing I have never forgotten: Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold.  I loved the show.  I even brought it up in a past article, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it first.  That show was the SHIT.  It was literally the perfect portrayal of the lower middle class kids living in the city, having crummy lives and not destined for greatness; simply surrounded by their friends and past adventures.

 Even better was the creativity of the name character’s room.  Arnold’s room was amazing.  It was so unique and perfect that we wanted it.  We wanted to live in the crappy circumstances of Arnold’s P.S. 118 high school simply to have that room.  It had a pop-out couch, a bed you could climb up to the roof from, and a universal remote!  Even better, it could only accessed by a pull-down staircase!!  Arnold’s room made our bed, dresser, and desk lamp look like shit.

 Everyone remembers these things, but no one talks about them.  They just sit in the back of our mind, like a moldy cardboard box in your basement.  Arnold’s room used to be our DREAM! Our inspiration to become unique and make the best of things, now forgotten.

 Luckily, Yahoo Answers saved us.  I am a strong believer that Yahoo Answers was invented SOLEY as a way for Arnold Room Lovers to meet.  It was destiny.

And now we are.  I have a complete list of the people who share the inner most connection with me.  Me and these people don’t have the same favorite color, same birthday, or both LOVE Edward from Twilight OhMiGawd hez so0o0 dreemy lolmfao.  We share the similarity of being deeply affected by our youth.  We are living proof that at one point, Nickelodeon was beneficial.  At one point in its history, Nickelodeon inspired children, motivated them, and impacted their life.

And those people now wander around the world, living separate lives after being changed forever.  Until they are reunited.Hey Arnold Room

 I love you Hey Arnold Room Lovers.  I will be with you soon.


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