I don’t generally put my school writings on my website because a) I don’t want to bore you guys with my lame ass school projects, and b) I don’t do school projects. Up until this point I had only posted two other school projects, and that was because I had added humor to them in hopes that the jokes would distract my teachers from the lack of accurate information.  I posted up my 10th grade Science Report About Syphilis and my 11th grade History Test Essay.  But this one is different. This is a short story I wrote for my girlfriend because she wanted a good grade in her English class and couldn’t write properly to save her life. To give you an idea of my girlfriend’s writing ability, here is her last history report on William “Boss” Tweed:

William “Boss” Tweed was a very bad man. William “Boss” Tweed did very bad things that no one should do. Like murder, and jay-walking. One day William “Boss” Tweed wore a black shirt with brown pants, which everyone knows should be illegal. William “Boss” Tweed was a horrible man who did horrible things. Like jay-walking.”

In order to help out my loving girlfriend and because I like writing so much, I wrote her paper for her. She was given a month to write the assignment. I did it in two hours. For all you loyal readers out there who will see a new side of me, keep in mind that I was trying to write like a pussy-ass girl who believes in love and all that crap. If it was up to me, the short story would have been about a man getting tortured and the bullets slicing through his flesh as the pain shot through his body and he fought off unconsciousness. But enough about what a cool short story would have been like, let’s get back to my girlfriend’s.

Note To The Reader: For all the men reading this, feel free to cry and be evoked by this dramatic piece. It’s alright, we’re not going to make fun of you. And for all you guys who—after reading this—think I’m the biggest pussy to walk the earth, please read the next post about disrespecting women.

She awoke to his heartbeat. It was steady and soothing, like a drum beat securing her safety. His chest was warm, and his calming breaths only consoled her more. Slowly sitting up as not to disturb him, the cool beach breeze tickled her cheeks and waved her white dress wildly, making her smile and laugh to herself. The rhythmic waves splashed playfully onto shore, gripping for a spot of dry sand they could tickle before falling back into the ocean. Above, the clear blue sky was spotted with clouds, and looking onto the horizon showed the beauty in the future. She couldn’t believe how happy she was. As she stared down at her husband her stomach turned to butterflies.

After all these years, I still get butterflies.

She couldn’t stop thinking about him. How they met; what they did; when it happened. Thinking back only made her stomach flutter more. They had met in college—she was an undecided freshman there to party and he was a diligent learning business man. No one thought they would be together; no one believed in them. She didn’t care; she knew that she loved him from the beginning. They spent every moment together: walks in the park, shopping at malls, and staying up all night watching the stars. She chuckled to herself as to how cliché it sounded, but she knew it was perfect.

He proposed to her at the beach. This beach. The beach they would always go to watch the sunset; the beach they would always go to walk, to talk, to think. It was her favorite place in the world, and she was here with the man who had never stopped loving her. A second gust of wind jolted her from her memories and sent sand flying up towards her. She covered her face and laughed, looking down at her man. She kissed him on the neck and he opened his eyes.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” she giggled, kissing him again.

“Speak for yourself,” he said, wiping his eyes in a joking disbelief. “Are you an angel? Am I in heaven?”

Here come the butterflies.

“Well we had better get going; I have to get ready before dinner.” It was there five year anniversary, and he was taking her to the most expensive restaurant in town. He had booked it two months in advance, paying top dollar for reservations. He had always taken care of her, promising her that if anything happened financially he wouldn’t let her suffer, and although he spoiled her, she knew it was all out of love.

As she rose, her slender body seemed to reflect the sunlight, and her threadlike shadow stretched across the sand. The wind blew her brown hair into a fluster of strings, but after the breeze died down it fell back into a straight, glistening shine. Glancing over she saw a family splashing in the water. She smiled and remembered back to her youth. She couldn’t remember any time when she wasn’t with him. Oh sure, she remembers back in 5th grade with Bill Thompson put gum in her hair and she had to go home early, but everyone has those memories. No true feelings were evoked until that one day she met him. She was at the college football game. Row 28, seat 3. She had never really understood football. Her father had tried to explain it to her but always gave up when she asked, “Why do they tackle each other? It’s so violent!” She had gone to the college game with her girlfriends. She had wanted to get a feel for the pride and honor so many people talked about, and she felt herself growing more involved as the game continued. At one point during the game she heard yelling and glimpsed up behind her. It was the first time she saw him.


She introduced herself and they talked all game. He explained the rules, and laughed whenever she referred to their team as “The Red Guys.” He called her the next day, and the next day, and the next day. They talked on the phone every night and every morning. She met him for lunch on weekends, and they would do homework together. And of course they would fight like any couple, but one thing was always true: he would never stop loving her.

“Help me up baby.” His outstretched forearm was massive after years of working out. He had played football in high school but stopped in college after getting knee surgery. Every time he had to get off the couch or out of bed he would joke that he couldn’t do anything without her help and that his knee would be the death of him. Reaching out she gripped his hand and tugged.

“Kevin!!” she screamed as he yanked her down onto him, giving her a massive bear hug before tossing her off him. He hopped up, and his tight white shirt flapped in the steady breeze. Extending his arm, he pulled her up and gave her a delicate kiss on her cheek. Grasping her hand, they started to walk down the sandy trail towards the car.

Suddenly, a shout erupted from the distance. Glancing up from her sand covered feet, she saw the once merry family yelling frantically out into the water. A closer look showed two little girls flailing in distant waves. The riptide must have slowly dragged them out, and the waves were so big only their heads could be seen over the white foam.

“Kevin, look!” She pointed out towards the girls. Feeling the heart-wrenching anguish of the inevitable, she took another look at the family she felt so bad for. Scanning the rest of the beach, she saw no one else there to help and the girls were about 80 yards out. They were too young to fight the current, and the tide was only carrying them further out. Her feeling of grief was cut short when she felt Kevin let go of her hand. Turning, she saw him running towards the shore. Her heart dropped.

Oh God no.

“Baby no!” she grabbed for his arm and tried to stop him. He spun around and looked into her eyes. She was abruptly filled with fear—she had never seen this side of him. He was no longer the joking guy who always looked over her. He was filled with power; an unknown strength she didn’t know existed.

“Sweetie listen to me. I can save those girls.” She knew that she couldn’t stop him. Letting go of his hand she felt the cold wind blow through her body. He ran to the water’s edge. “I’ll be right back,” he yelled over his shoulder before diving into the waves. Crying, she watched in distress as he tore through the water. Every time he dove under she held her breath until he resurfaced. Painful seconds crawled past and she couldn’t bear to see him out there. She knew the water was cold, and even though he was a good swimmer it was impossible to keep up his pace. After a few minutes she could see him reach the girls, grab one of them and put her under his arm. Swimming even slower now, her torment grew as he pushed himself to arrive at the shore. The wind sliced through her body and a shutter swept down her spine.

Kevin arrived on the shore with the girl in his arms. She was spitting up water and her frigid body shook with algidity. The family had run across the beach to tend to their daughter, and as Kevin laid the child down he seemed to whisper something in her ear. Rising, he started back into the water, and she noticed his tender limp. She ran up to him and clutched his shoulder.

“Kevin stop it, there’s nothing you can do.” She couldn’t bare the torment of having him out there again.

“If I hurry I can save her.”

“But your knee—”

“My knee’s fine!”

“Baby please!” Tears formed in her eyes.

“I can’t talk now!” She knew no matter what she said she couldn’t change his mind. All of her efforts were useless, and the feeling of uncontrollable fate gripped her heart. She couldn’t stand to lose him, but fighting him was only making it worse. Words escaped her; and for a moment in time everything stood still. She moved her lips, but no words were coming out. Nothing would change the situation. Carefully, she stared into his eyes. The eyes that she had once lost herself in were now bloodshot with muscle and control. She gazed at his mouth and said the one thing she could think of.

“I love you.”

“I love you too baby, and I’ll be right back.”

He dove again into the water, kicking half as strong as he did before. She could see the exhaust engulf his body and he seemed to struggle for the surface. She couldn’t fight back the tears and collapsed on the ground. Scouring the water, she couldn’t see him. She scanned the waves again, but saw nothing. No white shirt. No little girl.

No Kevin.

Her worse nightmare had come true. He was gone. Tears streamed down her face and her cries were heart wrenching. Everything was lost. Everything she had lived for, everything she had loved; gone. Her arms gave way as she broke down and cried for was seemed like hours. The sand was stained with her tears. Her body felt like it was shutting down, unable to continue.

Suddenly, an arm touched her shoulder. Her head jolted up, and she found herself eye to eye with the young girl Kevin had brought to shore. Her face was beautiful and her long brown hair blew angelically in the wind. The girl’s touch was delicate and soft, and the sun formed an aura around her sparkling face.

“He talked to me.” The girl’s voice was soothing and calm. You would have never guessed of the traumatic drama that just unfolded upon her. “He wanted me to tell you something.”

“What are you talking about?” She felt her heart jump up into her throat, and she held back uncontrollable tears.

“The man you were with. He whispered something in my ear before he swam off.”

“What did he say?” She looked eagerly into the girl’s eyes, praying for a glimpse of hope.

“He said that if he doesn’t make it back, to tell you that—” the girl leaned down and whispered into her ear, “he’ll never stop loving you.”



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    Okay my boss tweed essay was so much better then that!

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