What It Feels Like To Be Grounded

Imagine all your friends have a hundred thousand dollars, and have three hours to go throughout a mall and purchase anything they want. They are busily rushing around trying to obtain every toy and item they could ever dream of and the only things louder than the squeals of happiness are the laughs they share as they carelessly socialize. Now, imagine that you are working as a security guard in that mall and you are forced to watch jealously as they do whatever they want with whomever they please. And then, every three days all the kids get together and tell you the stories of what they did and how much fun they had while you think about your pitiful life. Then, as if things couldn’t get worse, you don’t get paid any money for watching your peer enjoy themselves and every 25 minutes a big Irish drunk comes up and kicks you in the balls. That, my friends, is what it feels like to be grounded.


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