Last Comic Standing Is A Joke

One of my favorite shows on TV now is the show Last Comic Standing. It’s been on for a while, and I’m not quite sure what season we’re on now, but it’s basically like the American Idol of comedy—minus the pissed British guy, emotionally unstable white woman, and awkwardly gangster black guy. In the show, comedians across the nation try their material to see who is the funniest based upon the judges, and later on the viewers vote for their favorite. The only difference with American Idol is that when the results are in, you get to hear the winner announced by anyone besides Ryan Seacrest.

I first watched the show when they had Ralphie May competing for the title, and he was really the main reason I loved the show. I thought “wow, a show non-biased enough to have an obese man competing with an Asian [Dat Phan] for the last comic standing must be a great show!” Sadly, Ralphie May was also the reason as to why I became obsessed with Celebrity Fit Club.

Now, Last Comic Standing has moved to a global scale. This year, comics across the world are competing for the title of the best comic ever, and I believe as of this point they are down to the final four. Consequently, all the finalists are from America, which just going to prove that the United States is funnier than your country and that if you want to be successful you must move here. And even though the tensions grow high with the upcoming episode, the show really means nothing. Because even though there will be a crowned winner by the end of the season, that comic will not be the best comic across the world. Why, you ask? Because the funniest comic across the world didn’t audition for Last Comic Standing; he is already the best, and his name is Louis CK.

Louis CK is an extremely vulgar comedian who is too cool for Last Comic Standing. The majority of his material is about how much he hates his daughter and how much he doesn’t have sex with his wife. Louis CK is the best comedian ever and Last Comic Standing doesn’t even make sense without him. I know that the winner of the show will be all happy and say into the camera “I’m the best comedian in the world!” but deep down inside he’ll (notice how I say “he will” because everyone knows that women aren’t funny) know that he’s not because Louis CK still walks the earth. To give you a dose of the CK medicine, here is a clip of Louis’s less vulgar material. This clip is from is album “Shameless” and is about him eating cookies and how fat he is. If you want more stuff, just keep searching and you will run across a clip of him talking about wanting to crush his daughter.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present you with Louis CK:



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2 responses to “Last Comic Standing Is A Joke

  1. joe

    first off, the show isn’t looking for the funniest comedian in the world. Its looking for the best AMETEUR comic. Thats why Louis CK will never be on it, except maybe as a judge. Second, Gerry Dee is canadian, not American, and he’s in the top 4. Third, I like CK, but no way is he the best comic in my opinion.

  2. Okay “Joe,” who would you say is the best comic. In your opinion. Which means nothing. Because you don’t have a website that people visit. And Gerry Dee has been seen before on Comedy Central Presents and stuff. So has Jon Reep. These guys aren’t ameteurs, and they think that if they win Last Comic standing they will be the best in the world. Once again, “Joe,” you’re wrong and I’m right.

    P.S. No one cares that Gerry Dee is from Canada.

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