Top Five White People Impressions

As a strong white male, I am very keen on racism. This is mainly because all my friends are racist sons-of-bitches, but also because I listen to comedy. In comedy, impersonating people is very key (example: Frank Caliendo), specifically a race. Now, I know that everyone has done their impression of a confused Asian, frustrated Indian, and crazy black woman, but those are just the classics. If you want to mimic something with a new, original and innovative twist; something that no other comedian has done, you need imitate a white person.

Copying the voice of a white person isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to make yourself seem ignorant, conceded, and innocent at the same time—all the while not puking. That is why I have compiled a list to applaud the top five comedians that have properly impersonated us cocky white people.
5. Carlos Mencia. Carlos Mencia is known for many things. He is infamous for his show on Comedy Central where he makes fun of everything, and his catch phrase “Dee Dee Dee” has become a symbol of retardation. In the comedy world, however, Carlos is looked down upon for stealing jokes from other comedians. A list of those comedians includes Bill Cosby, George Lopez, Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, and Bobby Lee. And even though most comedians hate his guts, Carlos can be sure that his fan base consists of racist southerns and narrow-minded assholes. Impression wise, Carlos can mimic all types of white people. Southerns, Australians, Britians, and even Bill Clinton aren’t safe from his impersonations. However, even though his imitations are abundant, they are not good. Quality is much better than Quantity, which is what lands Mencia at number five. (In this clip, you get the full show of Mencia with his white person impression, his retard impression, and him being Yogi Bear).

4. Pablo Fransisco. Pablo isn’t really known unless you know him (no shit). Most people recognize him for his Movie Trailer Guy impersonation, who I’m assuming is a white guy, but he also does a hilarious white girl impression. I’ll show you both, and hopefully you will watch more of his stand up and make him famous.

Movie Trailer Guy-
White Girl-

3. Richard Pryor. Known as a comedy God, Pryor’s jokes consisted mainly around himself. His heart attack, broken marriages, and incident in which he caught on fire making crack in his basement were all the basis of his acts. In a stand up routine I have on my Ipod, Richard Pryor taunts there white people who were looking for their seat, and his impersonation of them made me hold my sides laughing. Unfortunately, I cannot find that clip on youtube, so I am going to give you one of his lesser acts where only a bit of his imitation is shown (if you don’t want to watch all of it, the impression is at 1:30). R.I.P. LEGEND.

2. Dave Chappelle. Possibly the funniest comedian I have ever heard, I think that his show has ruined his roots. Dave’s pointless parodies and repeating jokes lack the spontaneous humor that his stand up has. In this clip, Dave does my favorite clip of his Killing Them Softly album, which I fall asleep to every night (who needs a lullaby when you can hear the N word 50 times?). You can also see Dave’s white man imitation on his show, The Chappelle Show, when he acts as Chuck Taylor, a news reporter for “News 3.”

1. George Lopez. Even at the age of 46, George Lopez is a comedy genius who is not about to stop. From his hit TV show to his years in stand up, he has ruled the comedy world with an iron fist. His newest standup act, America’s Mexican, has the best white person impressions I have ever seen done, and there is no one who can do it better. (if you watch past the white person part, you can also get a glipse of him mimicing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Did I miss any?



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2 responses to “Top Five White People Impressions

  1. dude, i think even this guy does a good white guy impression… check this out…

    the white cop impression is funny right…..

  2. james

    are you kidding me? ive seen white people being parodied for decades, to say that white impersonations are the rarity you are either insane or skewing perception. frankly in the last 10 years alone, i can barely find one white person doing an enthic impersonation without expecting his act to get pulled.

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