List Of People My Brother Hates 1-50

My racist, anti-Semitic, Goth/Emo brother is at it again! This time he has accumulated a list of all the types of people he hates. You will most likely fall into one or more of these categories, seeing as how they cover ever humane person on the earth.

NOTE: There are a few exceptions to this list, but they are only Jackson’s friends, so if your name is mentioned, it’s probably not you.

Kinds Of People Jackson Hates

1. Gay’s—except Gram
2. Hippies
3. Atheists
4. MySpace likers
5. DDR Players
6. Guitar Hero Gloaters
7. Nintendo Wii Lovers
8. Jessie McCartney Obsessers
9. Fat People
10. Wicked skinny people
11. People who you can’t tell what race they are
12. People who aren’t funny or pretty but are convinced they are
13. Ballet Dancers—except Tito
14. A.D.D. people
15. Jewish people—except Nina
16. Canadian people
17. Girls with short hair
18. Women who breast feed in public
19. Metrosexuals
20. Angry lesbians
21. Stereotypical geeks/nerds
22. Most Asian people
23. People who try to sing techno
24. People who won’t drink plain milk
25. People who don’t need to be bald but chose to be
26. Rainbow clad people
27. Tuba players who think they’re cool
28. Stereotypical valley girls
29. Capri-wearing boys
30. Random helmet wearing kids
31. Bird watchers
32. BIP kids
33. Horseback riders
34. GINGER KIDS (I’m not sure what a ginger kid is, or why it must be written in capitals at all times)
35. People who take the urinal next to you and try to carry out conversations
36. Mean waitresses
37. French people who make fun of Americans
38. American who don’t make fun of French people
39. French people in general
40. Nickel slot players
41. Whoopie Cushion users
42. The person who patented the “black out” marker
43. Kids without a musical device in their room (I’m assuming he means radio/amplifier, because he’s quit over 3 instruments and the only thing he has that is remotely related to a musical device in his room is a bloody tampon)
44. People who tell you not to do something in public
45. People whose initials are also JTB
46. Jelly Doughnuts
47. People who eat Jelly Doughnuts
48. People who use Ipod headphones for a Creative
49. Glow in the dark earring wearers
50. People with gaps in the front of their teeth

This concludes the first 50 types of people my brother hates. Due to a lack of time—as well as an excuse for another post—I will post the next 50 tomorrow (or another day, depending on my motivation). After I post all of them, I will note who my brother hates the most based upon the different categories a person falls in, share my opinions on what I agree of disagree with, and make a list of my own.



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8 responses to “List Of People My Brother Hates 1-50

  1. Wow, let’s see I’m..
    5,7,19,24, and used to be 9.. NOt to bad outta 50. LOL

  2. broseph

    gingers are red haired freckled people who have no soul.

  3. So far the person that qualifies the most would be my friend Sammy Shvarts who (to my knowledge) is numbers 4, 7, 9, 12, 15, 16, 38, and 47. If you can top that person, good luck. Just don’t go making stuff up.

  4. alana

    14,15,47,44,41,38,4l(sorta)& 26
    and im not canadian but i wish i was (16)

    35 =]


  5. I'm Invisible Shh....

    3,5,10,12,14,26,30(I forget to take it off.),38,44,49,50 (small not like noticable)
    seriously, he has issues with me and doesn’t even know me? i think you need a word for that.

  6. alana

    make that
    14,15,47,41,38,4,26,35,and i’m a wannabecandaian (16)
    and 50 & 46..
    and 48
    only i use sony headphones for an iPod.
    but its the same concept =]
    i mean, i always knew ur brother was a freak..but this..this just scares me.

    tell i said that =]

    hi jackson
    member me? from camp? i called yuou jackassjack? and the name cought on..yep, those were the days =]

    and..why does your brother consider a tampon a musical device? i hope he knows what it realy is, or hes gonna be in for some major embarassment…

    oh and jackson, if you seriously dont know what a tampon is, either seek a mental psychologist or IM me, and i’ll give u the sn of somebody willing to tell you =]

    thank you and have a nice day 🙂

  7. alana

    i just looked at some of my old comments and realized how retarded they like the one above^

  8. hm

    obviously this guy has no life because he has to make a page to talk about people he doesnt like. well i dont like obnoxious people who think they are all that and openly bitch about other people. its actually slightly sad. please tell your brother to GET A LIFE.

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