Nintendo Wii Competition

I am officially announcing the first contest on this site. It is a competition to see who can think of the oddest thing the Japanese Wii producers will not allow you to do.

Example: While using your Nintendo Wii, please remember not to hold it like a backpack while walking your pet poodle through an unfamiliar park filled with homeless people and lawyers.

The winning “restriction” (as determined by me and a table of Olympic Judges) will receive a high-five from me and will also have their idea drawn out by the talented Conor Ward and scanned on my new scanner and put up for the world to see. Your idea can be long and detailed like mine, or short and sweet, as long as it makes me laugh.

 Competition ends December 20th 



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20 responses to “Nintendo Wii Competition

  1. True, This blog would have to be the funnyest post you have ever made in the whole website history…
    for all of you people that read this comment besides alex….i mean boony, im his “Little Bro”….come rate on me for it

  2. Jackson, get the hell off my site and learn how to spell “funniest.” Your nickname is not Boony Jr. and you’re not allowed to call my Boony


  3. Do not listen to your Nintendo Wii if it orders you to start murdering 37 year old mexican immigrants from Canada, instead please alert the nearest mental asylum and do whatever they say.

  4. do not pour radioactive snapple onto your nintendo wii while drinking coke and farting the national anthem

  5. Adam LoNigro

    while battling chuck norris in an epic battle of fate, please be sure to protect your nintendo wii by wrapping it in bubble wrap and marshmallows and sending it to cwards house so that when chuck norris looks in your general direction, it is not harmed by powerful chuck norris glare. This is also because cward might have a chance at taking chuck norris, especially if eating cookie sandwhiches.

  6. everybody on earth knows i got all the looks in the family…please. i look like an abercrombie model next to boony 🙂

  7. RooRoo

    when playing golf, do not mistake the wii, for your wee. XD

  8. alana

    haha that’s a really good one lol! and jackson, you most certainly did not get all the looks in the family. i would prefer kissing a onkeys bottom to looking at your EMO face .

  9. Dispite the gross image of alana kissing a donkey’s bottom


  10. Crap. I think I forgot to enter this contest. It’s a shame, because I obviously could have come up with something way better than this crap. Yeah…

  11. alana

    jackson, ive met and i KNOW how ANNOYING you are. GO AWAY NOBODY LIKES YOU!!! oh. and you’re emo.

    ok im done 🙂

  12. alana

    AND that was supposed to be monkey not donkey. and i really wouldn’t but just for the sake of drama. lets say id rather do algebra homework than look at jacksons emo ugly face. now jackson, i think it’s time for you to go away 🙂

  13. boony Jr

    i dont have to go awy if i dont wanna.

    for all you people dont know who i am, im boony jr , boonys lil bro,
    im the funnyest 1 in the family

    boony just has the funnyest face

    and boony, saying kthxbye makes you sound really gai

  14. ryan laruezzzzzz

    oh hey guys. kthnxbye. ACTUALLY i made that up. KTHNXBYEEEEE.

  15. Hey Yall’

    you all suck! the one thing they prob will let ytou do is fist yourself up your anus with your wii remote it will be called fist’0’rama and everyone else gets there controllers out and starts fisting there friends oh splatter and the fun! think of ALL THE FUN!

  16. Alexandre

    nintendo wii
    play a lot and don’t pii 🙂

    i love this website
    i hope to play
    a fight
    in nintendo wii

  17. I'm Invisible Shh....

    Alana, do you have something against emos?

  18. alana

    nah, nothing against emos. just something against jackson 🙂

  19. Check this out! This is amazing and actually works. FREE WII!!

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