oHmiiGaWd, iiNsiiDe jOkE!!1!

Wednesday was a day off of school at Arlington High School, which is probably good because they needed at least one day for the hung over students to recover from Halloween.  This day off of school gave kids a chance to sleep in a comfy bed as opposed to sleeping on a hard desk, and also allowed me to reflect on things that my teacher told me on Tuesday.

Now that all my friends are done using me, I generally have no plans over the weekends/days off of school.  This frees up my schedule a lot, and I am given opportunities to do something different over the weekends, like productively staring blankly at my computer until someone IMs me with plans.

On Tuesday, when everyone at AHS was dressed up as goofy characters and wacky ideas, my English teacher asked the time in English class.  His class clock has decided to kill itself rather than work under the harsh, cruel conditions of the school schedule, and now it is only right twice a day (which is actually better than it was before it stopped). When I whipped out my cellphone to give my teacher the time he rudely scoughed at me and stated that “cell phones are the downfall of this world.”  Of course I greatly disagreed with this, and allowed him to explain to me how “we are all slaves to time” and “technology is what has ruined this world.”  I really didn’t understand what my English teacher was arguing, until yesterday when I was basically trapped at my computer with the absurd thought that someone might actually make plans with me.  The time I spent playing Spider Solitare and Minesweeper could have been used for much more useful activities, such as playing Pinball.

One of the many exciting things I did while sitting in front of my computer was check all the away messages/ profiles of my friend’s screen names half a dozen times.  I would scroll up and down my buddylist, opening and closing profiles and reading the horrible things they have wasting space in there.  It was then that it occurred to me that some people abuse the space that is so generously given to them for an AIM profile.  You’ll see people with song lyrics (that we don’t even bother reading, we just scroll over those), funky symbols (~~`”/Like This\”`~~) and, at worst, INSIDE JOKES.

The average person has over 200 people on their buddylist.  Some have over 300, but that’s just because they haven’t deleted old screen names in an attempt to boost their pitiful amount of self esteem.  And in that amount of 200 screen names, the average person talks to roughly 20 of them on a weekly basis.  If you are popular this number may increase to 50, and if you are unpopular it may drop as low as 3.  Nonetheless, I don’t think that it makes sense for a person’s entire profile to be wasted on ONE inside joke that you have with ONE person.  This leaves the other 199 people on your buddylist wondering why you’re laughing hysterically over the word “futile.”

“hAhA oHmiiGaWd cAsEy bFfE uVe aLwAyS bEeN tHeRe 4 mii SYRUP!! hAhAhAhAhAhAhhHaHaaha.  bIfFlE.”

After I’ve taken a few Advil for the pounding headache I get reading this, I think about what these girls could have possibly been doing to the point where “syrup” is the funniest thing in the world.  My imagination leads me to believe they were smearing it all over their naked bodies, or (even worse) putting it on pancakes.

Whatever the reason these girls find it necessary to wRiiTe LiiKe diiZ, it generally hurts people’s eyes, and also ruins their day of profile surfing.



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3 responses to “oHmiiGaWd, iiNsiiDe jOkE!!1!

  1. hAhA i AgrWEE. btw did u know jackson copied all of your “aim rules” onto his buddy profile?

  2. I honestly can not take credit for those AIM rules because I did not invent them. They are from anoter website that is in my brogroll. I love his comedy at how it educates you as well as entertains you.

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