Art Thou Not An Artist?

I would like to thank my English teacher for finally opening my eyes to my lack of artistic ability.  Many would suspect that it would be my art teacher who is the one to yell at me for making my apple tree look like “a jaguar giving birth to cottage cheese,” but this night I discovered it was my English teacher.  It was when we had to make a poster about Oedipus Rex, and I was the one who was drawing Oedipus bleeding from his eyes.  This is the real picture that was drawn and passed in for English:

Yes.  You can clearly see that not only is Oedipus gushing blood out of his needle-pierced eyes, but he is also wearing a stylish brown cap to keep his head warm.  I was going to color his pants blue, but then realized that in the times of Ancient Greece they didn’t have jeans.

I considered taking a drawing class.  Nothing big, just some steps that taught me how to draw the basic elements of a standing, running, sitting, throwing, and piano-lifting human body.  There is this website that my dad showed me that teaches you how to draw using basic math.  Yup, nothing more fun that combining the two things you hate the most into one giant session of laughs!!!

Although, this is also my drawing of a caveman that I used for the exact same English project:

It is clearly depicted that my caveman not only loved the play Oedipus Rex, but also loved wearing animal skin and combing his hair to the right.

I really really really need drawing lessons.



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4 responses to “Art Thou Not An Artist?

  1. eliza

    haha does your man even have eyes to bleed from?

  2. kashi

    it’s ok
    i was looking at one of my drawings and i realized that some people’s knees were bent backwards.

  3. Kathy

    You know, drawing doesn’t have to be art. If you look at it as visual representation, then you might have better luck. There’s this cool little book… Darn. I don’t remember the name of it. But it’s yellow and cost 6 bucks! Does that help? Heh.

  4. Kathy

    I found it! It’s called (how’s this for profound?) “Drawing Textbook: The Teaching and Utilization of Drawing for Educational Purposes.” It’s by Bruce McIntyre and was published in 1992 by Audio-Visual Drawing Program in Santa Ana, CA. It makes drawing easy. You don’t look at it as “art” because it ain’t.

    Specially when folks like you and I are doing it.

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