MySpace Where People Touch Me

I thought that my personal beef with was over, but I was sadly mistaken.  I recently heard something so sane person should eve hear that resparked my hatetread of the site.  But first, allow me to explain Myspace to those who are just emerging from under their rock.

Myspace is a website invented by this guy named Tom.  He made it so that he could meet underaged girls and touch them.  Fortunately, his site was a big hit, and now people all over America and meet underaged girls and touch them!  About 98% of your friends have Myspaces, and each one spends roughly 22 hours a day on it.  If you do the math, that’s 7,832 hours a year that your friend is wasting checking their “picture comments.”

The basic “goal” of Myspace (or what they claim it does) is that it allows you to keep in touch with your friends in different states, countries, and galaxies; as well as meet up with people you forgot about and don’t talk to anymore, like Barnie or Santa Clause.  I kind of agree with this idea, because there are a few people that I would like to
meet back up with, but it is a mere plus to all the minuses of Myspace.  I am going to list a few to you right now, and I would like anyone who is for Myspace to feel free to disagree with me, and I’ll simply smash pencil shavings in your ears.

  • This is the basic Myspace post: “OMG we haven’t chilled in the longest time, we really need to hang out.  Post back.
  • This is the basic response to that post: “OMG I know!  We really need to hang out.  Post back.”
  • The average person checks their Myspace 18 times an hour.
  • Myspace ruins relationships due to someone not putting someone else in their “Top 8”
  • Myspace invented the saying “Myspace Whore” which really doesn’t make any sense.
  • Something like 3 people have been killed because of Myspace
  • That’s worse than the game W.O.W. (World Of Warcraft) in which only one crazy Asian killed a man

I am now going to share with you the quote that one of my good friends said to me, that fueled my everburning hatetread towards this horrible site.  I was sitting with my friend, and she was scanning Myspaces, pointing out to me who she thought was nice and mean and fat and hot.  Then came this horrible quote:

“This girl used to be my #2, but then she started to be a bitch to me, so I moved her down to #3.”

For the sake of my friend’s safety, I will not say her name, because I know someone will burn down her house due to her horrible stupidity.

What ever happened back in the day when if someone was a bitch to you, you beat the living crap out of them.  It’s good to see that in this modern day of technology, a harsh diss is moving someone from #2 to #3 on your “Top 8.”  I’m glad that Tom was cool enough to make a site which allowed him and his friends to keep in touch (rimshot).



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7 responses to “MySpace Where People Touch Me

  1. post something about how facebook sucks and people are like oh its not myspace so its cool

  2. you know who


  3. Nell, it wasn’t even you, it was Molly. Way to be a wierdo.

  4. With all that I’ve read about World of Warcraft, it sounds like the game to get. My uncle and his son can’t stop talking about it. But I am wondering if I am going to get addicted to the game and piss the wife off cause I’m not spending enough time with her.

  5. Anyone else having bother with myspace or is it just my pc?
    Last couple of days it seems it wont let me download any song from anywhere.
    Anyone having same bother – or anyone how to sort it?

  6. Knighty

    HAHA, right you are, right you are! Perhaps schools should have some kind of internet safety education program if this keeps up.

  7. directory

    %-) genuinely interested by this website

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